bmxfu on clitter

i don't really understand it yet but i made a bmxfu twitter. hit me up for the password.


Anonymous said...

why doesnt bmxfu get like some younger riders like ive seen good riders at the park and i dont think they rider for any one . and they would love fu lmao jk but theyd be stoked igth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i no what you mean for the other comment iv seen this kid with a black frame and lumberjack bars ride every once in a while at the park hes pretty good and hes a fast leaner so hel be real good soon i think

Anonymous said...

put capone on the team

BMXFU said...

if we think your good enough then you'll get put on the team.

until then keep it to yourself and keep shreddin'

Anonymous said...

we want capone rider on the team

Anonymous said...

yeah me to i saw him do a 360 clean

capone for prezz

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