GH sighting?

hahaha... peep the clip at 1:46 in this, let me know if I'm crazy or this dude is GH's long lost twin.

Front Brake Magic 2 from andy chapman on Vimeo.

wiley and gobbo

New gnarwhale edit, pretty tight... Porno videographer Riley DcMaster and Gobbo do some good shit in here.

Boicott Stripper Jam

Boicott Jam from Matt Eakin on Vimeo.

This is from the Boicott Stripper Jam in Calgary at the beginning of summer. Good times were had. We went to more strip clubs than street spots and drank alot of beers. Very FU style day.

Le Taz Contest

Vid up by Justin Soule from this past weekend. Couple bmxfu appearances in there.

tofu3 leftovs

wish they had given me and bobby that 3 sprocket but this is still a good watch-

Mac and Cheese Leftovers from Surfin Bird on Vimeo.


This vid is gonna be fuckin insane.

DUB DVD Teaser. from DUB BMX on Vimeo.

james meliota

no idea who this dude is but we were talking about this edit yesterday, some really crazy stuff-

TalkoftheTown Maine - James Meliota - Summer 09 from TalkoftheTown Maine on Vimeo.

FUTU review

haha... found this on youtube somehow. worth a watch for sure

TCU exclusive FU3 trailer, it's been up for a few days but they've got the banner up now... siiiick

chris zep

AOTC homie chris zep has a dope edit up on but I don't know how to embed it.

full coverage pt. 2

Full Coverage 2 from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.

bored this morning and made this for fu3 bonus, but I figured I'd post it as a trailer too. anyone who doesn't remember the OG from That Counts bonus, check it below-

silva/chijioke edit

mac daddy chris silva just sent this to me, some real deece stuff in here. and i've got the song stuck in my head now.

Chris/Chijioke One Day Split from Chijioke Okafo on Vimeo.

happy wednesday

new fu shirt?

2 pour 1

last two sections, bmxfu worldwide below, and Lee's section is up on the primo site

BMXFU Worldwide mix section from FUTU from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.

fb mtl edit

matt drew made this of him and some other waterdown dudes riding the big o and le taz. makes me wanna go back to montreal baid.

montreal trip from Matt Drew on Vimeo.

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