Toronto BMX Jam

This Friday is the Notro jam, something everybody around here looks forward to every year. A bunch of riders from this area will be competing in it, should be fun to watch. Click the picture to go to the site for the contest. I posted some of the rider times.
Friday Amateur
2:10 Jordan Krupa (St. Catherines), Kenny Oliver (St. Catherines), Glen Hoerdt (St. Catharines), Charlie Crumlish (Amherst, NY)
2:20 Paul Hoerdt (St. Catharines), Greg McMillan (Grimsby), Kenny Barnes (Oakville), Tony Brunelle (Upton, PQ)
3:10 Rick Gaskell (St. Catharines), Eric Hardy (Welland), Nathan Lord (Jamestown, NY), Matt Baglia (Jamestown, NY)
7:40 Andrew White (Niagara Falls), Jacob Montgomery (Niagara Falls), Nick Dagg (Niagara Falls), Dave Wininger (St. Catharines)
Saturday Pro
1:20 Cole Youngberg, Greg Damico (Niagara Falls), Nicholas Steben (Hartford, CT; Stampede Clothing, Team Jeff Dupaul), Kevin Valot (Selden, NY)
2:30 Lee Dennis, (Ryder Distribution, Sunday Bikes, Coalition, Lotek, Square 1), Drew Bezanson, ( Shadow Conspiracy, United Bikes, Ryder Distribution), Rob Darden, Zack Warden
Chris Orbell, Greg Mcmillan, Brad Hill and Chris Henry are all riding in the dirt racing competition.
I'll ask around to make sure, but im pretty sure this is everyone. Gonna be a good time.

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Len said...

so i guess jake andrew dagg are not riding

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