There are two videos up on BMX Online from this weekend at the Toronto BMX jam. It was such a good time, I'm sure everyones already countin the days till next years. It is always fun.
Click HERE for the Am qualifying video.
Click HERE for the Pro qualifying video.

This is a picture of Greg Henry taken by Fat Tony, its sick because there is only like 3 pictures on BMX online of the Am riders.. and Greg didn't even compete. Haha

Pro Final Results:1.Drew Bezanson 2.Dennis Enarson 3.Jeremiah Smith 4.Brandon Dosch 5.Steven Moxley 6.Anthony Watkinson 7.John Rodgers 8.Garrett Reynolds 9.Chris Childs 10.Craig Mast 11.Will Love 12.Brad Gethard 13.Zak Earley 14.Hector Garcia 15.Jaimy Spreitzer 16.Garrett Reeves 17.Kevin Kaltenbach 18.Steve Byrnes 19.Brandon Christie 20.Brian Carter 21.Tony Malouf 22.Nathaniel Kiefer 23.Chijioke Okafo 24.Erik Ambrose 25.Charlie Bowers

Am Final Results:1.Greg McMillan 2.Rich Redmond 3.Darcy Peters 4.David Fitzpatrick 5.Charlie Crumlish 6.Eric Favot 7.Pierre Gauthier 8.Ian Christison 9.Jeremy GAllant 10.Jared Smoke 11.Kenny Oliver 12.Glen Hoerdt 13.Adrian Domagala 14.Jason Aguiar 15.Paul Hoerdt 16.Brody Huk 17.Jamie Burke 18.Tim Temko 19.Thomas Hall 20.Jordan Krupa 21.Nick Busato 22.Jared Goldman 23.Matt Baglia 24.Nathan Silva 25.John Proppe 26.Andrew Kum 27.Andrew White 28.Joey VanSchaick 29.Justin Fudge 30.Rob "Shady" Kalanowski 31.Drew Connors 32.Cory Beal

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