Kingston Trip

We decided it was time to dip out for the weekend and ride. So we got a crew together consisting of Mitch Dumont, Chris Orbell, Andrew White, Jake Montgomery and Glen Hoerdt and headed for Kingston on Friday night. When we arrived it was wet so we didn’t get to ride Friday. Mitch’s girlfriend Brooke was nice enough to let us stay at her place for the weekend. Saturday when we got up the roads were wet and it was raining off and on. So we went into town for some breakfast and kept our eye open for spots . It didn’t clear up till later that evening, so we were able to get a few hours of riding in before dark. After our short night session on campus we headed back to base for Beers and Blunts. Woke up Sunday morn to sunshine; and headed out after a short breakfast. We headed towards town to ride this time and found quite a few spots. First of them being the slant wall where Chris fires off that nifty wall ride over the dumpster. As we sessioned a local showed up named Derek. And from there he showed us some more stuff as well as the little park. From town we headed back to campus and sessioned the into the dark. “This trip got the stamp of approval”-CO. the clip was filmed by Mitch, Chris, and Glen. And this review was written by Mitch and Glen. Thanks Mitchy


scali aka fatkid said...

fuck yeah fucking orbs.. and i guess the ice glen does was alright too.

Anonymous said...

good job guys...nice video

Anonymous said...


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